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Q: How do I open account?

A: To open an account you may choose few methods as below:

* Go to our Register page fill in the required information and submit to us.

* Contact us through our website, email or hotlines.

* Chat us by our Live chat or messenger in our FB Page.


Q: When can I start to play?

A: After you contact us and provided us the information we need, we will send you the account login detail to your mobile phone. And after that, you may make your deposit and start to play!


Q: What is the minimum betting?

A: Depends on the game type, but most of the game minimum betting is $1.


Q: Can I cancel my betting?

A: Most of the website we provide allow you to cancel your bet before you click on confirm, however, after you click on confirm, which mean your bet has been submitted, you are not allowed to cancel your betting.


Q: How to deposit?

A: For make a deposit you may check on our deposit page for more details.


Q: How to Withdraw?

A: For withdrawal, you may check on our withdraw page for more details.


Q: What should I do if I forgot my password and login ID?

A: You may contact our Customer Service and provide us some details to get back your ID or let us reset your password. And we will send your ID and password by SMS to your register phone after we done to check and reset for you.


Q: Does my information safe with 899Win?

A: 899Win care about your privacy. All the information you provide for us are safe, we will not disclose your information to third parties or anyone. However, if you have any concern about your privacy, please contact us.


Q: What should I do if I cannot login to my account?

A: Please contact us immediately.


Q: Can I let other people use my account?

A: For your account secure, we advise you to keep your login ID and password in secret, and we advised you to not let other people use your account.


Q: Can I transfer my balance from one website to another website?

A: Yes you can, you may submit your request to us, and we will proceed the transfer to you. However, this request only valid for you to transfer to your own account, we are unable to help you transfer to other people account.

If you cannot find the answer you want above, please contact us to let us assist you furthermore.